As we continue with our strategic training and development plans, RT Infrastructure Solutions (RT-IS) is pleased to announce that we are helping two new signalling engineers to develop through our highly regarded Level 3 accredited Signalling Installer program.

The two new engineers joining us will be finishing their training soon and working with RT-IS on a full-time basis- these are Josefa Baleivecau and Jodi Williams.

Once they have completed their training programme, both Josefa and Jodi will be working in trackside environments alongside RTIS signalling teams. They will be able to use their training to develop and increase their trackside signalling experience, whilst at the same time being supported by a mentorship programme that is designed to help them achieve an IRSE installer’s licence.

RTIS predominately uses a key collaborative relationship with the MOD’s Career Transition Partnership, with many of the new entrants aiming to become future signalling engineers As former serving military personnel, these entrants bring key transferable skills to the business.

Over the 6-week training programme, delegates learn about Electrical Principles, Basic Signalling Diagram reading skills, Basic Signalling 1, Electrical Signalling Installation skills, Working at Heights, First Aid and small plant.

The courses within the program are a mixture of both technical and practical assessments, with each candidate learning key skills that will be required for their roles on the rail infrastructure. Each course synopsis is designed to give each delegate the underpinning skills on their road map towards becoming an IRSE licensed signalling engineer.

We wish both Josefa and Jodi every success in starting off their railway career with RTIS and hope that they will enjoy the future career path that has been mapped out for them!