We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded a significant contract to deliver all of the signalling works at Beckton Depot on behalf of our client Buckingham Group. The works will purely focus on the signalling build aspects of the scheme including all signalling management, installation, pre-fabrication of REB’s, pre-testing and test & commissioning activities. The signalling works are valued at around £4.7 million of the overall £35 million project, and further highlights our increasing portfolio list of self-managed project works.

The Beckton Depot Upgrade Project has been developed and awarded to upgrade the existing depot in order to facilitate the maintenance and stabling of new 88m long trains. As part of the works, a new maintenance facility building will be built along with various changes to the track layout, the creation of new stabling roads, new S&C, lighting, platforms, walkways and signalling. The remodelling of the Northern and Southern sidings will be undertaken to provide 46 stabling berths which will all be 88m long to accommodate the new trains or three B2007 units coupled together. The £35 Million Northern Siding Package will see upgrade works on the northern sidings at the depot with future plans to develop the South Side in the very near future.    

As Buckingham Group’s approved signalling contractor RTIS are responsible for the complete management of all signalling works associated with the project including the interface between the designers and working in conjunction with the signalling software development team. As part of the project RTIS will procure and install all signalling equipment associated with the works undertaking all activities in line with DLR standards. The complex nature of the works are broken down into 4 distinct signalling stages C1W, C2P, C4P and C6P, all of which will be managed and resourced by RTIS during the build up stages of installation, prep-testing and commissioning activities.

Key Activities undertaken: 

  • Provision of Signalling Engineering Management & CRE responsibilities 
  • Provision of Testing Management (including Principles Testing)
  • Signalling correlation of existing assets
  • Management & Interface with signalling designers & signalling software upgrade team
  • Installation of 42 x new HVI track circuit equipment
  • Alterations to existing 62 x affected TI21 track circuits 
  • Installation and alteration of 54 x LED signals
  • Pre-fabrication of 2 x new REB’s and associated equipment
  • Installation of all new 35 x signalling signage and berth marker boards
  • Mechanical and Electrical set up of 24 x new point machines
  • Alteration of further 24 sets of existing point machines
  • Pre-Testing of all signalling equipment to NWR standard NR/L2/SIG/30014
  • Staged Test & Commissioning and prep-testing planned over 4 stages