A collaborative and flexible approach to E&P Engineering

What we provide

Through growth and diversification, RT-IS now has an enviable reputation for excellence within the LV and HV sectors, where we offer a standard of engineering and a level of value rarely seen amongst our competitors.

We currently provide the following services:


New Class II signalling power supplies systems including associated PSPs (Principal Supply Points)

Installation and maintenance of Cable Smart Monitoring in accordance with NR/L2/SIGELP/27725 including:

  • Bender Unit RS4 System
  • Viper Cable Guardian using SSTDR technology

Other LV related systems including:

  • Points heating
  • Buffer stop lights
  • Walkway lighting
  • Station lighting
  • Load monitoring
  • SIN119
  • All LV surveys
  • Earthing and bonding

We supply key personnel including:

  1. Approved Electricians
  2. Electricians
  3. Electrical Mates

Our HV offering also includes:

  • Cable renewals
  • Switchgear renewals
  • SMOS FSKII 25KV breakers
  • Specialist testing including partial discharge testing of HV cables
  • AC and DC track substations
  • High voltage design works

We supply key personnel including:

  1. Level A Competent Engineers
  2. Level B Competent Engineers
  3. Level C Competent Engineers
  4. Level D Competent Engineers
  5. HV Competent Persons
  6. HV Competent Assessors

Our experience

Electrification & Plant requires experienced teams able to understand and implement complex solutions.


This is why you will need to work with teams that have worked with many of the industry’s leading companies on both mainline and LUL projects.


The RT-IS ethos is about nurturing our teams and building on their experience with skills to enhance our service to our customers. We substantially invest in training programmes to ensure we bring you success for our colleagues, our company and our clients.


We have the expertise, knowledge, experience and determination to do an outstanding job for you.

Put your project in our capable hands

Benefits of working with us include:

Skilled in-house trained staff

Ensuring a consistent standard throughout the project

A team that can competitively manage and deliver works

Delivering all projects on time and within budget

Provision and continuity of multi-skilled staff

With a huge amount of experience on signalling and telecommunications projects

Experienced 24-hour/365 days technical on-call support

For your peace of mind