As RT Infrastructure Solutions / Training Solutions continues to strengthen its strategic training and development endeavour’s, we are delighted to announce the enrolment of six promising signalling engineers through our esteemed Level 3 accredited Signalling Installer program.

Having completed their 6-week training program on 15/03/24, these six engineers are now poised to immerse themselves in trackside environments alongside RTIS signalling teams. Equipped with comprehensive training, they will leverage their newfound expertise to bolster their trackside signalling proficiency. Furthermore, they will benefit from a structured mentorship program tailored to guide them toward attaining an IRSE installer’s licence.

RTIS predominantly uses a key collaborative relationship with the MOD’s Career Transition Partnership, with many of the new entrants aiming to become future signalling engineers. Spanning over six weeks, the training program encompasses a spectrum of subjects including Electrical Principles 1, Basic Diagram Reading, SPWEE, Emergency First Aid at work, BS1, EISS. Through a blend of technical instruction and hands-on practice, each delegate acquires indispensable skills crucial for their roles within rail infrastructure. The curriculum’s careful design ensures that each delegate gains a solid foundation essential for their journey toward becoming licensed signalling engineers recognized by the IRSE.

We extend our best wishes to all delegates as they embark on their railway careers with RTIS, and we are confident that they will relish the promising trajectory laid out before them. Through our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering excellence, RT Infrastructure Solutions reasserts its dedication to shaping the future of railway engineering. The feedback received from delegates was extremely positive, a big shout out to Stephen Howard who successfully delivered a very well-executed course.