In line with our strategic training and development plans, RT Infrastructure Solutions (RTIS) are pleased to announce that we have continued to see significant numbers of new signalling engineers o develop through our highly regarded Level 3 accredited Signalling Installer program. When the most recent installer program concludes in June 2023, this will celebrate RTIS’s introduction of over 200 new people into the rail industry via this particular program. RTIS predominately use a key collaborative relationship with the MOD’s Career Transition Partnership, with many of the new entrants wishing to be future signalling engineers being ex-military personnel with key transferable skills.


Over the 6-week training programme, each delegate will learn about Electrical Principles, Basic Signalling Diagram reading skills, Basic Signalling 1, Electrical Signalling Installation skills, Working at Heights, First Aid and small plant. The courses within the program are a mixture of both technical and practical assessments, with each candidate learning key skills that will be required for their roles on the rail infrastructure. Each course synopsis is designed to give each delegate the underpinning skills on their road map towards becoming an IRSE licensed signalling engineer.


Our continued investment in developing and training new signalling engineers has seen RTIS recognised by the MOD at the highest level, culminating in 2021 with the award of the MOD’s Employer of Recognition Gold Level standard. In keeping with developing continued employment opportunities and training for MOD personnel, RTIS Operations Manager Nadine French also now plays a key role for the recognition scheme, leading for RTIS in the employer recognition engagement group. The principal aims of the County Employer Engagement groups are to raise the status of reservists among employers, peer groups and families, whilst encouraging employers to sign the Armed Forces Covenant. It also aims to enlist the support of potential employers of reservists and identify opportunities to recognise and give back to employers for the support they give to the Reserve Forces. Nadine will help not just RTIS but other companies to create and develop opportunities to hire, train and develop new training programmes for MOD leavers and their families.


The continued development of our engineers is in line with our business model of creating, developing & growing our own employed workforce. We strongly believe that this can only be achieved through a combination of strong in-house technical training, worksite experience and a structured mentorship process.


RT-IS’s new signalling trainees