We are extremely pleased to announce that we have been awarded a further signalling works package on behalf of our key customer AMCOGiffen.

The North Wales Coast Phase 3 works package will be a continuation of RTIS’s previous signalling works delivered in the North Wales area, with the overall scheme delivering upgrades to other areas such as civils and telecoms.

The project will run from late 2022 and throughout 2023, and will build on the successful completion of previous works. Working from GRIP 5 design and under the management of a dedicated RTIS Signalling Project Manager, RTIS will deliver all the key GRIP 6-8 signalling deliverables associated with the works and supported by a Signalling CRE. All site works will be supervised and delivered by RTIS IRSE signalling personnel who will ensure all installation and Test/Commissioning works are completed to Network Rail standards. Key deliverables of the project include:

-Production of signalling WPP, Task Briefing Sheets, Master Test Plan and Test & Commissioning Plan documentation.
-Management & Supervision of all signalling trackside works including provision of Signalling CRE
-Installation of 12 x new LED signal heads and SPT’s including the running of all new cables including prep and termination.
-Modifications to wiring and power arrangements in existing location cases.
-Attendance at IDC meetings
-Pre-testing of all new signalling works to SWTH procedure NR/L2/SIG/30014.
-Multi-Stage Test & Commissioning of new signal heads and modifications in existing location cases.
-Project hand back & close out documentation 

Running alongside the upgrades to the main signal heads there will also be a separate bespoke signal head change of Ty Croes Signal which is a mechanical signal requiring significant changes to modernise to LED type.

With this particular signal RTIS will also deliver all the required signalling, civils and E&P design along with all the site construction works.

The project value of the signal head renewals and Ty Croes signal is anticipated to fall between £400,000 – £450,000 with further packages expected to be released in the near future.