The Feltham & Wokingham Re-signalling project is the renewal of all signalling assets.

The Feltham & Wokingham Re-signalling project is the renewal of all signalling assets controlled from Feltham Area Signalling Centre and Wokingham Signal Box.

The project proposes to renew 9 route relay interlockings (RRIs) with new centralised ElectroLogIXS (CBI) interlockings controlled from Basingstoke Rail Operations Centre ROC.

The project proposes to renew nine route relay interlockings (RRIs) with new centralised ElectroLogIXS (CBI) interlockings controlled from Basingstoke Rail Operating Centre.

Before this project, the Feltham area was last re-signalled in 1974. As such, it went beyond the scope of spot renewals.

To date, RT-IS has supported Atkins on this project with IRSE-accredited signalling supervisors, installation team leaders, installers and assistant installers – all with zero reported incidents or RIDDORs. Installation works have been conducted during day, night and weekend shift patterns, with site works now reaching well over 21,000 man-hours.

Activities Undertaken

  • Provision of IRSE licensed Signalling Supervisory personnel
  • Installation of Fraucher Axle Counters
  • Installation of AWS equipment
  • Installation of TPWS equipment
  • Installation of new LED Signal Heads
  • Axle Counter Surveys
  • 4ft signalling equipment surveys
  • Installation of new signaller work stations at Basingstoke ROC
  • Planning of cable running activities
  • Installation Support for prep-testing and commissioning activities
  • Installation Support for Commissionings
  • Management & Support of Signalling Recovery work


Atkins Rail

Project value

£2.7 million


October 2018 — Ongoing