The Northern Siding Package is part of a wider £100m scheme of improvements at the DLR Beckton Depot. The vision, overall, is to create a new maintenance facility and associated infrastructure.

RT-IS is assisting Buckingham Group in a £35m project to deliver facilities for new trains on the Docklands Light Railway (DLR).

Beckton Depot plays an important part in the daily life of the DLR. It is the primary maintenance depot for all trains on the service, having taken up this duty from Poplar – where the DLR headquarters is based. Beckton has already seen a range of improvements, added between 2005 and 2006.

However, further work has become necessary to cater for new circa 86-metre trains. These trains are the equivalent of about three of the current fleet coupled together. Overall, 43 of these trains have been ordered by Transport for London. These will, along with the current B07 units, replace the older fleet of B90, B92 and B2K models and make allowance for projected growth on the service – improving capacity by anything up to 30 per cent.

The scope of works is extensive. New stabling roads, additional track, new switch and crossings units, platforms, walkways, lighting, communications and signalling are required – and RT-IS is assisting Buckingham throughout, including with IRSE-accredited staff.


  • Provision of signalling engineering management & CRE responsibilities via team of qualified and experienced IRSE signalling engineers 
  • Provision of testing management including principles testing via qualified and experenced IRSE signalling engineers
  • Signalling correlation of existing assets
  • Installation of 42 x HVI track circuit equipment
  • Installation of LED signalling system using proven and reliable technology
  • Pre-fabrication of new REB’s and associated infrastructure, providing hubs for critical equipment
  • Installation of all new signalling signage and berth marker boards to ensure trackside safety
  • Mechanical and electrical set up of 12 new in-bearer clamp lock (IBCL) points machines in accordance with NWR standards
  • Pre-testing of all signalling equipment to NWR standard NR/L2/SIG/30014
  • Staged test & commissioning planned over four stages delivered to agreed timescales
  • Works support wider regeneration of the Royal Docks and Beckton area of east London


Buckingham Group

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2021- Ongoing