As part of Network Rail’s improvement to public safety around Level Crossings and User Works Crossings, a program to upgrade 6 User Works crossings on the Southminster to Wickford line were awarded to AMCOGiffen to be undertaken over 12 month period.

Whilst AMCOGiffen undertook the major civils works associated with these crossings, RTIS were chosen as their approved signalling installation contractor for all 6 of the crossings using the new VAMOS signalling system specifically tailored for User Works Crossings.

The installation of the VAMOS system was successfully completed at Tyle Hall, Stamford Farm, Little Hays, Blackmill and Rookery, with the last User Works crossing being completed at Hogwell in March 2019. The signalling installation works were controlled and managed at all times by an in-house RTIS Signalling Engineering Manager, with all site works being undertaken by RTIS signalling engineers.

The Vamos system is fairly new to the UK market, but with its low cost interlocking free benefits there are now over 60 installations completed around the country. The system has many benefits, the most significant being that it is high in energy efficiency and can even run on solar power. Along with a preventive maintenance free diagnostic system, the crossings give clear unmistakeable interface for the public with acoustic warnings and unmistakeable red/green light visual aids. RTIS were commended for their strong technical ability whilst also being highly praised for their efforts and contribution throughout the 12 month project, both in a management, supervisory and installation capacity.


  • Running and termination of all cables (2 pair/5 pair/2 core)
  • Modifications in location cases (new fuses/links and bender units
  • Installation of new VAMOS cabinets
  • Installation of Frausher Wheel Sensors
  • All required earthing and equipotential bonding
  • Installation of new speed signs
  • Relocation of crossing telephones
  • SMTH works to move/divert existing signalling exists
  • Provision of handover to test certificates
  • Installation Support to Network Rail for all commissionings












Project value













March 2018 — May 2019