This project was awarded to Alstom to deliver the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the current life-expired signalling and power system

The Feltham & Wokingham Re-signalling project requires the renewal of all signalling assets controlled from the Feltham Area Signalling Centre and Wokingham Signal Box.

As well as a re-lock and re-control of the area, the project’s main driver is to provide an Alternating Current (AC immune) and electrification gauge-compliant signalling system ahead of running the first electric passenger train to Bristol.

The scope of works totals around 700 signalling equivalent units (SEUs), which includes the re-control of the Bristol Power Signal Box Area (excluding Bristol South) to the Thames Valley Signalling Centre – all in line with the National Control Centre Strategy.

As part of the scheme, it was decided the Filton Bank Area (and associated signalling infrastructure) had to increase its track number from two to four to enable greater capacity between Dr Day’s Junction and Filton Abbey Wood. It was also determined that other id-platform signals at Bristol Temple Meads needed to be installed to replace those at St Andrew’s Cross.

RT-IS has supported Alstom on this project with signalling supervisory and IRSE-accredited signalling teams for more than 35,100 man-hours with zero reported accidents or RIDDORs.

Installation works were conducted during day and night shift working, with weekend possessions utilised for installing major 4ft equipment, signalling changeovers and other signalling works.

Activities Undertaken

  • Provision of Signalling Supervision to plan & deliver works
  • Installation of new K type Axle Counters
  • Installation of new DC track circuits
  • Installation of new train protection & warning systems (TPWS) and automatic warning systems (AWS)
  • Cable diversion works and modifications to new location cabinets and relocatable equipment buildings (REBs)
  • Installation & Termination of new disconnection boxes
  • Installation and termination of cables into fixed telecommunications (FTN) cabinets
  • Cable Jointing of various multi-core signalling cables
  • Quality and Audit checks on 4ft equipment and works in location cases
  • Installation Support to Alstom Signal Works Testing staff



Project value



November 2015 — April 2018