The Swindon Re-signalling Project was awarded to SSL to deliver the design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the renewed signalling and the associated power system.

The project was driven by the requirement, in addition to the renewal of life expired equipment, to prepare the line for electrification and the overlay of ERTMS, the signalling system which utilises an “in cab” driver advisory system

The scope of works include the replacement of SL35 type signals with the Installation of LED signals, the installation of approximately 360 K Type Axle Counters, 1st and 2nd fix implementation of 40 various Mark 2 AWS’s, TPWS, ATP fitments & new fitment Location Cabinets & REB’s. All works have covered an approximate area of 82 miles of track over 4 different ELR’s.

The final commissioning of these works is scheduled for May 2015 and will provide another five references for Alstom Smartlock 400™ interlockings.

To date RTIS has supported SSL on this project with skilled IRSE signalling teams for a period in excess of 49,100 man hours (upto Jan 2015) with zero reported accidents or RIDDORS. Installation works have been conducted during day and night time working with a large concentration of weekend possessions being utilised for installing major 4ft equipment.


  • Installation of new K type Axle Counters
  • Installation of new DC track circuits
  • Installation of new TPWS, AWS and ATP signalling equipment
  • Cable Diversion works and modifications to new location cabinets & REBs
  • Installation & Termination of new disconnection boxes
  • Installation & Termination of cables into FTN cabinets
  • Cable Jointing of various multi-core signalling cables
  • Quality and Audit checks on 4ft equipment and works in location cases
  • Installation Support to SSL Signal Works Testing staff


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May 2013 — June 2015