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S&T Support for RT24 Track Renewals Contract

Track Renewal The delivery of Network Rail’s £3.5 billion track renewals programme comprises of four major rail companies, Balfour Beatty Rail, Babcock, Amey-Colas and Amey. Under this arrangement the railway network is then subsequently divided into specific geographical areas covering all of the UK’s main and branch lines.

Working with Balfour Beatty who are one of the country's largest track renewals organisations, RT Infrastructure Solutions (RTIS) provides highly skilled signalling support for both plain line and switches and crossings (S&C) projects on Network Rail's infrastructure. Track renewals are undertaken during pre-organised possessions, which can range from overnight occupations of the railway, to full weekend closures and on occasions major blockades.

Through careful planning and coordination with BBRIS signalling managers, RTIS provides Balfour Beatty with competent and skilled IRSE licensed signalling staff who are capable of disconnecting, re-connecting and then testing signalling assets under SMTH procedures. Track renewals possessions are normally very intense and provide the main contractor and its sub contractors with a true test of its capabilities. Under normal circumstances the possessions are kept to a minimum and are signed back into use ready for commuter traffic the very next day.

Since September 2012 RT Infrastructure Solutions has worked over 3,000 man hours for Balfour Beatty with no reported RIDDOR or major accidents upon track renewals sites.


Balfour Beatty Rail

Project Value



Sep 2012 — October 2014

Activities Undertaken

Installation of new signalling track circuit equipment
Installation of new TPWS, AWS, Location Cases
SMTH reconnection and testing of DC, HVI, TI21 & Aster track circuits
SMTH reconnection and testing of AC, Digital TI21, Reed, Diode track circuits
SMTH reconnection and testing of TPWS, AWS, Treadle equipment
SMTH testing of IBCL & HW points machines
SMTH testing of filament and LED style signals
SMTH testing of AZLM Axle Counters
Signalling correlation of existing assets

Client Contact

Graham Saffrey - Balfour Beatty Territory Signalling Manager
Dave Hogg & Sean Pritchard - Balfour Beatty Signalling Site Manager
Reference Available Upon Request

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