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Our Philosophies

Our Values

Honesty - We are open and honest with ourselves and with others. We maintain the willingness to acknowledge and address our failings at all times.

Integrity - We adhere to high personal values, upholding the highest principles at all times. Having nothing to hide and no hidden agendas, our motives and intentions are always clear and transparent. We keep our commitments to ourselves and to others.

Growth - All our people have the desire and commitment to grow and fulfil their potential, contributing strongly to the growth and success of our company.

Partnering - We’re committed to creating successful and fulfilling partnerships with our clients, our suppliers and our colleagues. We seek and nurture relationships that align with our vision and values to achieve the highest possible outcome for all.

Responsibility - Never blaming others, we all take full responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings and actions. We ensure that we are fully conversant with what our duties and commitments are to our team and our company. We all work hard to ensure we behave in a way that contributes strongly to the development of our company culture.

Teamwork - Within RT Infrastructure each individual puts the company, their team and their colleagues’ interests before their own. We are all pro-active in working together to continue the joint success of our company and all those associated with us.

Respect - We respect all people and companies, embracing and accepting our differences. We nurture and encourage others without judgment or criticism.

Our Culture

Our culture encourages all our people to express themselves honestly in what they think and feel about any aspect of the company, without fear of consequence.

We have an open house policy where anyone is welcome, including competitors, to walk around speaking to whoever they choose. Our values wouldn’t permit anything else.
Those around our people experience a buzz that is infectious in its enthusiasm and desire to be of service and make a difference. They see everyone working hard supporting each other, with smiles on their faces, not forgetting that their work needs to be professional, but also enjoyable and fun.