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Further signalling project successes for RTIS 

We are pleased to announce that we have won 2 packages of signalling works which will be delivered throughout September, October & November. The works will be managed and delivered by RTIS which generally cover GRIP 6-8 activities.

The first package of works involves the installation of 8 ends of new HW point machines in the Bromsgrove area which will be fitted, guaged and then tested by RTIS point fitting staff. During the 11 day blockade, RTIS will then also provide 24 hour point team fault cover to support P Way activities.

The second package of works, on the Gospel Oak to Barking scheme involves moving signals, SPT's and the installation of car stop boards on 10 stations. We will undertake all these activities using in-house IRSE personnel and provide full signalling CRE & Project Manager support throughout the duration of the works.  

We await the news on many other tendered packages of work and hope to hear on the outcome of these within the next 2 month period.    


Ongoing works for RTIS 

Throughout the summer months we continue to be heavily involved with supporting the Bristol Re-signalling Scheme as it begins to reach the first stage of its many planned commissionings over the next 4 years. This is one of the UK's major signalling commissionings and is expected to last over 4 days during the August Bank Holiday weekend. Throughout August and September there are also a number of other commissioings planned, with those at Abbey Wood and Nottingham respectively. We are supporting Alstom with installation teams on the build up to these works along with suitably competent signalling supervisory graded staff.

Over the coming months we are also planned to undertake signalling works associated with the Gospel Oak to Barking platform extension works and also significant point installation works in the Bromgrove area involving both HW and clamplock machines. All works will be planned by RTIS in-house staff which range from CRE & Project Manager level down to Supervisor and IRSE qualified ground engineers.  

Whilst we are supporting our customers with many signalling works around the UK, we also continue to improve in the development of our signalling staff with further people trained in COSS certification, track circuit training and the next level of IRSE licensing categories.

During our site works, the feedback that we have recieved on our staff has been very complimentary. This is reflected in the repeat works that we are asked to cover primarily across SMTH/G110, installation, Test & Commission or delivery of signalling projects. 




June news update

Throughout June we have been extremely busy supporting our customers with a real mix new signalling installation projects, SMTH/G110 testing works and maintenance type activities.

We have been active in many successful commissioings (and rehearsal commissionings) such as those at Malvern Wells, Chislehurst, Bristol, Abbey Wood and Ilford. Our staff have earned warm praise from our customer’s signalling project managers and supervisors alike, for both their site efforts and high levels of technical competence. 

June has also seen us react quickly to numerous depots run-throughs and faults which we have attended across the UK network. We have often had to re-instate & repair signalling equipment in difficult circumstances, along with installing new point machines to ensure our customer’s rolling stock do not suffer further delays to their services. Once again we have earned praise for our pro-active efforts in this growing area of our business. 

As we move into July we continue to enjoy a vision of long term signalling installation and commissioning works. With this in place we aim to build and continue to develop the skills of our workforce with further planned IRSE, safety critical and technical training. We believe this continual development will ensure that we will continue to be one of the UK’s key signalling SME’s.           



Points teams for Tubular Stretcher Works

With the introduction of Network Rail's SIG58 tubular stretcher bar training within our workforce we are pleased that we can offer our customers 100% industry compliant and fully equipped point fitting teams. Over the past few months we have worked on many different types of points equipment (with many involving tubular stretcher bars) which have included complete set up and testing of new points layouts, to more routine tasks such as Facing Points Lock Tests.

Our points work has been spread across a wide range of customers in many different geographical areas of the UK. RTIS point fitting teams come equipped with full points testing equipment and the new tubular stretcher bar testing equipment as/when required.

Please contact Graham Bennett by e-mail: or call 01473 242330 if you have any requirements in this area.



News update

Over the last 6 week period we have been extremely busy with both on and off track successes.

Our Works Testing Division headed up by RTIS Testing Director John Marshall, and a number of our SWTH testers, have been involved with supporting major commissionings at Stafford and Swindon. In addition to this our team has delivered a number of direct projects at both Earls Court and Worksop, which whilst being extremely challenging, have been succcessful and further cements our position in this sector of the UK signalling market.

Our continued works on the re-signalling schemes at Cross Rail East, East Kent, Bristol, March East, Abbey Wood and Maidenhead, along with the completion of a Network Rail track circuit upgrade project at Horsham have all ensured that our installation, SMTH and G110 competent teams have all been busy. The schemes have been across a wide range of different customers, all of which continues to provide us with the opportunity to support our customers with our highly competent signalling teams. Excellent and well earned praise has been earned by all RTIS teams on all of the schemes mentioned.  

Off the track we have ensured that all our staff remain industry compliant with the completion of Network Rail's ICI course, along with many other re-certable courses such as COSS, PTS & Look-out. Our number of our signalling staff have also become PC trained, enabling them to control multiple COSS's during line blockages.