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RTIS win Inverness signalling works 

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have been awarded the contract to install and commission the new planned signalling assets associated within the Inverness IEP Depot in Scotland.  The project includes many signaling deliverables, but fundamentally all fall within the GRIP 6-8 process. The project was won on a competitive tender basis, supported with programme milestones and written methodology statements. All works will be managed and delivered by in-house staff, and in-turn all site works will supervised and delivered by RTIS Test & Commissioning Managers and Signalling supervisors. RT Infrastructure Solutions will be undertaking signalling correlation and then all the GRIP 6 works in line with Network Rail signalling standards NR/L2/SIG/30014 and NR/L3/SIG/11303. The complete scope of the works to be undertaken are as follows:

  • Production of SSOW, WPP, Task Briefing & T&C Master Test Plan Documentation.
  • Undertake signalling correlation for signaling design team
  • Management & Supervision of all signalling trackside works
  • Installation of new signalling assets, Fraucsher Axle Counters, Driver’s white lights, modifications to location cases.
  • Test & Commission of all new signaling Equipment in a single stage commissioning
  • Project hand back & close out documentation



Further IRSE success for RTIS 

Since our last IRSE update we have seen the continual progression of many of our IRSE engineers who have moved into higher roles within our company. Based on a combination of technical training and mentored work place experience, we are pleased to announce the following employees have attained their IRSE licenses in the following categories:

Sam Alllen IRSE Engineering Manager (Installation)

Mark Snowden IRSE Signalling Point Fitter

Tim Dotchin IRSE Signalling Team Leader Renewal

As we continually invest and develop our workforce, several of our engineers will also be going forward for their IRSE Competency or Workplace Assessments in the following categories within the next 2-4 month period:

Connor Vaughan IRSE Team Leader

Frazer Wylie IRSE Installer

Paul Clark IRSE Team Leader

Matt Conn IRSE Installer

Naomi Hoggard Marsh IRSE Team Leader

In addition to our IRSE successes we have also had the following members of staff complete the following technical or safety courses. Ricky McKinley (Safe System of Work Planner), Paul Clark (Basic Signalling 2), Egus Slimas (COSS Initial), Kriston Abbott (Treadles) and Allan Deal (SMTH re-cert/Treadles).    



Xmas Works

Throughout December we have been busy supporting many signalling projects in the UK which have all culminated in the major commissioning sites at Shenfield, Kensal Green, Maidenhead, Acton, New Cross and Wembley. During these works our staff have been working on various signalling activities such as points installation, SMTH & SWTH testing, installation of various 4ft signalling equipment, location modification works and installation support for SWTH teams.

During this busy period we have provided over 4,200 hours of signalling support which has been spread across TIC, Signalling supervision, H&S supervision, SMTH, Installation Team Leader, Installer and Assistant Installer grades. All works were undertaken without any accidents or incidents and were brought in on time. 

As we move into 2017 we look forward to cementing our customer relationships and to continue to provide what we believe is a first class service to the rail industry.      


RTIS News update 

Over the last few months we have been extremely busy with both on and off track successes. 

For the 4th consecutive year we are pleased to announce that we have passed our Achilles RISQS Audit with a “5 star” rating covering over 160 product codes. We have also received numerous “excellence” reports from our customer's audit protocol, which have covered our competence, process and delivery skills.   

Our staff development continues to flourish with our employees being upskilled in Point Fitting, IBCL installation, SMTH/G110 and SPWEE courses. With the introduction of Network Rail's SIG58 competence, we have now installed tubular stretcher bars within our training school and have trained all of our SMTH team leaders in this Sentinel based course. We are therefore able to offer our customers fully competent and equipped point fitting teams, many of which are currently being utilised on projects at Crossrail West and multiple S&C projects across the network. As well as technical based training we have also ensured that all our staff remain industry compliant in their re-cert competencies such as COSS, Safe Work leader, PTS, Look-Out, First-Aid and Manual Handling.    

Going trackside we have continued to provide significant support to our customers on the re-signalling schemes at Bristol, Cross Rail East and Nottingham. Other works have included signalling prep works for various S&C renewals sites, and support on numerous commissionings notably those at Nottingham, Bromsgrove, CNES and Cross Rail East. Our support works have been spread ranged across many different customers, all of which continues to provide us with the opportunity to showcase our highly competent signalling teams. A full list of the projects that we have worked on can be found on our recent projects page. Excellent and well earned praise has been earned by all RTIS teams on all of the schemes mentioned.  

As we look forward into 2017 we hope to continue our strong links with our customers and continue to provide a “first class” service in all that we offer.



250 up for RTIS !

As we approach the last few remaining months of 2016, we are delighted to have achieved another significant milestone for our business. We have now supported, or directly delivered, over 250 railway signalling projects for our customers since our company inception back in 2012. 

The 250 projects have been a mix of our own signalling project works, supporting first tier signalling companies with major re-signalling schemes, track renewals works, SWTH commissioning works, maintenance works, Signalling Project Management support and the provision of Signalling CRE/TIC expertise.

In order to continue our success, we remain focused on investing, training and producing first class signalling engineers and always place a strong emphasis on delivering works aligned to our company values.

It is our aspiration to continue with the high standards of work we have been involved with during 2016, and through a combination of signalling projects and significant labour frameworks we aim to reach the 300 project milestone by the middle period of 2017.