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Safe Work Leader Success for RTIS 

In line with the introduction of Network Rail’s newly created Safe Work Leader roles, we have been busy training and upskilling our workforce to ensure that we meet the expected demand for these key safety skills throughout CP5. We hope that this training will ensure that our signalling teams have a smooth transition into the new regulations, which are expected to be rolled out nationally by the end of 2015.

Since the introduction of Safe Work Leaders into the East Midlands Route, we have already had a number of employees that are now successfully trained to Safe Work Leader Level 1 accreditation. Congratulations go to Steve Jones, Andrew Pegg and Craig Webster for their successful achievements.

Our development plans cater for a 6 further staff to be trained in SWL courses over the next 4 week period, with our remaining COSS trained staff being planned in for training throughout the remainder of 2015.

Network Rail see the Safe Work Leader roles as positions as an integral part of its new Planning and Delivering Safe Work Programme and plan to train up to 3,750 managers, supervisors and planners drawn from across the rail industry.  The training will ensure that the target community is competent to use Network Rail’s new web-based electronic management of permitting system and also competent in the application of risk-based decision making.

It is Network Rail’s intention to put a Safe Work Leader on every work site, on or near the track, with all safety critical roles reporting to their SWL. The SWL roles will be split into three levels to mirror the complexity of work being carried out. The Planning and Delivering Safe Work Programme will also see the introduction of a new electronic permit tool (Proscient) which will allow the SWL to plan, risk assess, deliver and hand back work more efficiently.