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Continued Career Progression for RTIS Signalling Engineers

Diagram Reading CourseOver the last 3 months we have significantly developed more of our signalling engineers by placing 12 existing employees on IRSE Workplace & Competence assessments for either IRSE Installer or IRSE Team Leader level categories.

The continued development of our workforce is in line with our business model of creating, developing & growing our own employed workforce. We strongly believe that this can only be achieved through a combination of strong in-house technical training, worksite experience & a structured mentorship process.

The most encouraging factor of our staff progression is that the required trackside knowledge has been gained by working within specifically designated signalling teams.  By working in consistent teams the mentorship process has been far easier to implement, and in-turn this has assisted the newer recruits in achieving a good all round signalling trackside knowledge.

During this period we have also recently recruited a further 5 trainee signalling engineers to add to our growing signalling workforce. The trainees have been recruited to supplement our core business and will undergo training in Signalling Appreciation, Basic Signalling 1, Electrical Principles 1, Diagram Reading, E.I.S.S, Confined Spaces, Signalling Plant, Manual Handling, First Aid and SPWEE. The courses are a mixture of both technical and practical assessments, with candidates learning key skills that will be required for their roles on the rail infrastructure as IRSE Signalling Engineers.