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RTIS successfully complete Scottish Signalling Works

Throughout November and December RT Infrastructure Solutions completed a 3 stage signalling commissioning, along with earlier pre-requisite installation works, bringing a successful conclusion to their works in Scotland for 2013. The scheme formed part of Network Rail’s major upgrade of 650v feeder works in the Scotland area.

The overall scheme itself was delivered by Giffen Group with RT Infrastructure Solutions acting as its delivery partner for signalling installation and commissioning services. Utilising its own direct signalling workforce consisting of  Signalling CRE, IRSE Installation Managers, IRSE Team Leaders and Installers, RTIS were able to install and deliver a successful solution. All works were undertaken to Network Rail standards with all equipment, redundant wires, redundant cables and waste correctly insulated, protected, or recovered from the site as appropriate.

During the commissioning works itself RTIS was audited by Network Rail and was commended for their well planned, well executed and safe working practices.

The background of the renewals programme itself is down to a large amount of existing 650v feeder cables that were around 40 years old and in poor condition. The cables had suffered a number of faults over the years, mainly due to rodent damage and this had resulted in operational delay minutes to both TOC & FOC. The feeders affected as part of this project were Grantshouse Feeder 3 and Linlithgow Feeder A, covering a route mileage of over 24,000 metres.

The vast majority of the existing cables were non-armoured two core insulated aluminium/copper cables. The new 650v power supply feeder arrangement incorporated new enhanced Class II unarmoured two core cable, that was terminated in new E&P half location FSPs (Functional Supply Point) fitted with Class II switchgear and Class II hybrid transformers / rectifiers. New 110v A.C. and 120v D.C. power supply cables were provided from the new FSP to the existing signalling locations.

Activities undertaken:            Management and supervision of all signalling trackside works

                                                Provision of Signalling CRE to oversee project deliverables

                                                Production of Work Package Plans, Task briefing, HSQE and SSOW

                                                Installation of signalling cables/wires and 650v transformers

                                                Preparation of Master Test & Commissioning Plan

                                                3 Stage Test & Commissioning of all effected signalling equipment

                                                Recovery of all redundant signalling equipment