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Health & Safety

RT Infrastructure recognises that work can make a positive or negative contribution to individual health. Both physical and mental health may be affected if people are exposed to harm, but if the workplace is safe and if people are interested and involved in their work, job satisfaction can increase, and improvements in health and well-being can result. 

We recognise that to successfully manage health and safety it must appreciate the relationship between the control of risks, general health and the very core of the business itself. Health and safety considerations need to be integrated into all activities and operations that it undertakes. We strive to incorporate human resource management policies with health and safety policies in order to secure commitment and involvement and to promote the well-being of employees. 

We are also concerned with the overarching principle of positive health promotion as it realises the exceptional benefits of a fit, enthusiastic, competent and committed workforce. Our ultimate goal is to continually aim to improve our health and safety performance so that accidents and ill health are eliminated, and work forms a part of a satisfying life to the mutual benefit of RT Infrastructure and the individual. 

People are our most important asset.