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Contingent Solutions

Our skilled labour supply service is one of the best available and is based around more than just technical ability.

In striving for continuous improvement we continue to find ways of making our service even better.

Our head office team has many years experience in understanding what qualities our clients are looking for in the staff we provide.

We understand that supplying the right candidate is not just about finding someone with the right qualifications or experience. It’s about providing someone who fits in with your company culture, works well with your current staff and is committed to meeting the needs of your business.

Throughout the UK we have developed excellent links with the Ministry of Defence and have a proven a career progression route for reskilling service leavers, providing access to excellent people who are motivated to be very successful when joining the rail industry.

RT Infrastructure Solutions provide the people to support customers in the following areas:

  • Safety Critical Labour (ES, MC, COSS, Look-out)
  • Signalling SMTH & SWTH
  • Telecoms Installation & TMTH
  • 17th Edition Electrical Teams
  • Fibre Optic Splicing Teams
  • Cable Pulling Teams
  • Civils Ground Works Teams
  • Scaffolders, Stores Managers, Bricklayers
  • Security Personnel

Through our Competency Assessment Management System we ensure that the people we provide are demonstrably competent to meet our customer's requirements.