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RTIS win Colas Rail Signalling Framework

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have been awarded a significant labour supply framework to support Colas Rail. The framework was won on a competitive basis and is in place to support Colas Rail with signalling support staff from works arising from their depots at Saltley, Bristol, Tonbridge and Ipswich. The signalling framework will run for the next 3 years and will cover LNW (South), Anglia, Wessex, Kent and Sussex with works arising from Network Rail S&C and Plain Line Renewals programmes.

Simon Jamieson CEO says, “I am extremely pleased to have secured this framework with Colas Rail which will become another key customer throughout the RTIS business. We see our SMTH/G110 testers as an integral part of this support contract, and by securing the framework we now have the platform to develop further key SMTH staff to widen the options that we can offer Colas Rail over the next 3 years.”

Our support work has already commenced with Colas Rail on S&C works at March East and this is ongoing until commissioning in May 2016. Other sites at Battersea, Wimbledon, Millbrook & Teignmouth have also followed since the award of our framework.


RTIS win Network Rail Signalling works

We are extremely pleased to have been awarded a number of Network Rail signalling projects in the South East Area which are to be delivered throughout 2016. The projects range in size and complexity, but fundamentally all fall within installation/SMTH/G110 disciplines. All works were won on a competitive tender basis, supported with programme milestones and written methodology statements.

All works will be managed by a RTIS signalling CRE, and then in-turn supervised and delivered by RTIS signalling personnel. RT Infrastructure Solutions will be undertaking all GRIP 6 works in line with Network Rail signalling standards with the scope of the works as follows:

  • Production of SSOW, WPP, G110, SMTH and Task Briefing documentation.
  • Production of design changes for maintenance records
  • Management & Supervision of all signalling trackside works
  • Installation & G110/SMTH testing of new LED signal heads in Herne Hill Area.
  • Installation & G110/SMTH testing of LED signal heads in Loughborough Junction Area.
  • Testing of Mechanical signalling equipment & EBI 200 Track Circuit Equipment
  • Installation of 72 x Diss boxes and associated HVI equipment in conjunction with NWR TI045.
  • Project hand back & close out documentation



200 up for RTIS!

As we reach the conclusion of 2015 we are delighted to achieve another significant milestone for our business. We have now directly delivered, or supported our customers with a total of over 200 railway signalling projects since our inception back in 2012.

These many projects have included our own signalling works, supporting first tier signalling companies with major re-signalling schemes & their track renewals works, SWTH commissioning works, maintenance works, Signalling Project Management support or the provision of Signalling CRE/TIC expertise.

The achievement has been made through the joint efforts of our head office team and direct signalling workforce who continue to earn excellent feedback across our ever increasing and wide customer base. We continue to invest and train in producing future signalling engineers and always place a strong emphasis on delivering works aligned to our company values.

We hope to continue our good work for the multitude of different customers that we have, and through a combination of signalling projects and significant labour frameworks aim to reach the 250 project milestone by the end of 2016!


RTIS Training & Development Update 

We are pleased to announce that throughout October & November we have continued to build on the development of our employees. By placing staff on training & course assessments we have maintained the competence of our workforce in line with current standards, whilst at the same time providing additional technical training to increase their all-round signalling knowledge.

Under the professional guidance of RTIS Testing and Commissioning Director John Marshall, we have brought a further 5 staff up to SWTH Mod 4 level. The successful employees in this SWTH course were Sam Allen, Dave Dyer, Andy Pegg, Tony Church and Allan Deal who will now be placed under site mentorship. Ricky McKinley has also furthered his SWTH competence by successfully passing SWTH/MOD 3C course.

We have also upskilled many of our staff into SMTH roles and congratulations go to Samir Kishta, Mark Garrard and Steve Jones for achieving this certification. Alongside SMTH training we have added EBI200 track circuits training into our workforce.

Safety training has been frequent with a number of our staff undertaking refresher training in COSS and Look-out courses as well as undertaking Safe Work Leader training. Safe Work Leader courses have been completed by Mark Garrard, Tony McFarlane, John Whitland, Dale Bush and Paul Clark.

On the IRSE front we have continued to renew and develop our workforce and we are pleased that Adrian Jarvis has achieved his IRSE installer license. Both Nic Munro & Liam Soar have achieved successful renewals of their Installation Team Leader Licenses.


RTIS wins extension to 5 year Signalling Maintenance Framework

After a successful 3 year period of maintaining Chiltern Railway’s signalling assets at Wembley Depot, we are pleased to announce the award of a further 5 year contract which continues with the provision of our fully managed signalling maintenance service. The Wembley Depot itself is a key strategic point in Chiltern Railway's operations and ensuring that this depot remains fault free and operational in order to run a smooth passenger service is just one aspect of the many signalling services that we provide.

The new contract comes with a continued 24/7 365 days fault response service, along with the provision of our competent signalling maintenance teams who are proficient to work on the German based Tiefenbach signalling system.

Carl Jamieson said,“I am extremely pleased to continue our close association with Chiltern Railways and its Wembley Depot. Over the last 3 years we have built up an excellent working relationship with the depot, and through our pro-activeness we have found solutions and rectified issues which keep the depot as fully operational as quickly as possible. The Tiefenbach signalling system is fairly unique to the UK so it is challenging when faults do occur, however our trained maintenance teams are competent and familiar with its processes and can rectify most faults as soon as the root cause is found.”     

The maintenance within the depot itself can be wide ranging, however the main areas of maintenance include:

  • Maintenance of complete Tiefenbach Signalling System
  • Maintenance of Proximity Switches & Tiefenbach T110 & HW Point Machines
  • Maintenance of Tiefenbach Axle counters, Control Cubicles and Signals
  • Maintenance of Signalling Panel
  • Periodical Signalling reports & Upgrade works to existing signalling equipment
  • 24/7 365 days a year fault cover response team.