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Another VAMOS crossing for RTIS to deliver for AMCOGiffen

In February, on behalf of AMCOGiffen, we begin to undertake further installation works on another Vamos User Works Crossing. This will complete what will be our sixth installation of this type in the Anglia region in the last 12 month period. The installation works at Hogwell User Works crossing will be similar to those that we have already successfully completed for AMCOGiffen at Tyle Hall, Stamford Farm, Little Hays, Blackmill and Rookery. The signalling installation works will be controlled and managed once again by Sam Allen who is one of RT Infrastructure Solutions Signalling Engineering Managers, with all site works being undertaken by RTIS signalling engineers.  

The Vamos system is fairly new to the UK market, but with its low cost interlocking free benefits there are now over 60 installations completed around the country. The system has many benefits, the most significant being that it is high in energy efficiency and can even run on solar power. Along with a preventive maintenance free diagnostic system, the crossings give clear unmistakeable interface for the public with acoustic warnings and unmistakeable red/green light visual aids.

For each crossing our installation works have been similar and have included the following deliverables:

  • Production of all paperwork required – Work package plans, Task briefing sheets & Safe Work Packs.
  • Attendance at management meetings and producing/integrating a delivery programme.
  • Running and termination of all cables, 2 pair - wheel sensors to Vamos case, 5 pair – MSL to Vamos case and 2 core from existing signalling location case to Vamos case.
  • Installation of Frausher wheel sensors. (3 or 6 per site dependant on lines at site)
  • Installation of new Vamos cabinet.
  • Modifications to existing signalling location cases, new fuses/links, bender units and associated wiring.
  • All required earthing and equipotential bonding.
  • Relocation of crossing telephones
  • SMTH works to move/divert existing signalling assets which fell in the way of the new crossings .
  • Installation of new speed signs
  • Provision of handover to test certificates and the provision of installation teams to assist NWR with pre-testing and commissioning.

Simon Jamieson RTIS CEO, said: “With our knowledge of the Vamos system and the recent successes that we have had, we believe that we have now built a long lasting relationship with AMOGiffen and hope to deliever further packages of this nature as we move into CP6."


RTIS win Nexus Works 

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded our first contract with Nexus to support their requirement to carry out the replacement of point machines on the Nexus infrastructure. There are a total of 117 point machines on both the Nexus mainline and sidings, with 67 having been replaced in recent years; the remaining electro-hydraulic point machines are 35 years old and have been deemed necessary for replacement.

Through a competitive tender process we were successful in winning the production and verification of G110 Point Motor Test Schedules in order for Nexus to undertake the installation, testing and commissioning of 32no HW2121 type Point Motors.

The project includes arranging and undertaking detailed site visits in order to obtain the relevant information, and then subsequent production of all G110 testing paperwork using the G110 author/checker process. All works will be managed and delivered by in-house RTIS personnel, with all site works being supervised and delivered by RTIS Engineering Managers. Works will be undertaken in line with Nexus Rail signalling standards NR/L2/SIG/30014 and NR/L3/SIG/11303. 



December News Update 

With many Xmas Commissioning Blockades fast approaching, we are continuing to support our customers in the lead up to the Xmas period that once again is anticipated to be a busy time for the rail industry. On the run up to Xmas 2018 we have seen a sharp increase in the demand for our signalling engineers as our customers work towards their Xmas commissioning targets. Over the Xmas period we anticipate that our staff will be working over 2,500 man hours alone.

Throughout December itself we have been busy supporting many signalling projects in the UK which will culminate in commissionings at Southall, Westbury, Redhill, Holloway, Willesden and Weaver. During these works our staff will be working on various signalling activities such as points installation, SMTH & SWTH testing, installation of various 4ft signalling equipment, location modification works and installation support for SWTH teams.

As we move into 2019 we look forward to cementing our customer relationships and to continue to provide what we believe is a first class service to the rail industry.     



RTIS complete York ROC works 

In October 2018 RTIS were successfully awarded a direct contract to build 2 new bespoke location cases for the signalling ROC at York. This included all pre-testing and site installation works which formed part of the York Re-control Project. The York Recontrol project required 8 IECC workstations (including the SSM workstation) to be be relocated from the present York IECC building, into the new York ROC building. The control point for 2 MCB-CCTV level crossings, currently on the Leeds North West workstation desk, were also  re-located, with appropriate interface circuity provided to connect the control panel now to be in York ROC to the respective SSI TFMs remaining in the old York IECC building.

RTIS Activities undertaken as part of the works included:

•Management and supervision of all signalling works

Input to overall project WPP, Task briefing and HSQE documentation

Fabrication of 2 x new bespoke signalling location cases

Full TC2 pre-testing of location cases

Installation and termination of new cables in York ROC

Termination of bespoke cables onto MODBUS terminals

Additional works working on ROC racks and bespoke terminations   

Installation support for test & commissioning

Project Handback

RTIS would like to congratulate the following members of staff who worked on a very successful project: Keith Hall, Ian Bradford, Joe Newton, Sat Bhogal, Paula Ragebe, Kriston Abbott, Sam Dunning Blake, John Marshall and Paul Hills.       


October update 

Throughout October we still remain extremely busy delivering our services to both mainline and LUL infrastructures. During this period we have once again performed with a zero accident/incident rate, along with positive feedback on our S&T teams which has led to repeat and continuous works.

During October we have also been busy with our own project works at Camden, York ROC, Worcester Parkway, various Cable watching SMTH sites and RCM survey works. We remain approved to work for 34 companies in the rail sector which gives us an excellent footing for CP6 for customers or projects requiring support with maintenance, new signalling installation works, SMTH/G110, Test & Commissioning, safety critical, civils, electrical and lump sum project works.  

We continue to be pro-active in booking many of our staff on SWL1 conversion courses to enable our staff to work as stand alone teams and additionally we have continued with our  re-fresher programme of manual handling, working at heights, SPWEE and first aid training. What is pleasing is that through training and site experience we now have many assistant installers ready with enough evidence to begin processing for their IRSE installer licences, which enhances our capabilities and continues with the ethos of our business of creating signalling engineers for the future.