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RTIS Win Osborne Safety Critical Framework 

We are delighted to announce that we have successfully achieved the award of a substantial framework contract to supply safety critical personnel throughout the Wessex region over the next 3 years, potentially 5, in support of Osborne's delivery of their Multi-Disciplinary Framework awarded by Network Rail.

The award of this contract is another successful strategic stage in achieving the growth and diversification of RTIS towards securing the growing workload opportunities presented by CP6.

Our new relationship with Osborne is the latest in a growing list of customers for the supply of safety critical and other blue collar operatives.

Osborne's typically has a multi-million pound spend on the provision of safety critical staff, which despite fluctuations with through-put of work from Network Rail, will undoubtedly increase in CP6.

As part of this framework RTIS will be responsible for providing staff competent to the following grades;

  • COSS
  • Safe Work Leader Level 1
  • Competent Person
  • Lookout
  • Strapman
  • Engineering Supervisor
  • Safe Work Leader Level 2
  • Protection Controller
  • Barrier Man
  • Points Operator
  • HV Assessor
  • HV Competent Person
  • Track Hand Back Engineer
  • Safe Work Leader Level 3
  • Supervisor
  • Site Warden
  • Possession Planner
  • Safe System of Work Planner

Simon Jamieson RTIS CEO said: “ I am extremely pleased with the award of the framework and the potential value this adds to our overall business. We are aligned with Osborne’s values and hope that this is the start of a very successful and collaborative relationship over the CP6 period.” 


RTIS April Update 

Throughout  April we have continued to deliver our services to a number of our rail customers such as; Atkins, Volker Rail, Siemens, Bombardier, Colas Rail, Amey Rail, Alstom and AMCOGiffen. During this period we have performed all works safely with a zero accident/incident rate, along with numerous positive feedback reports on our S&T teams that in-turn continues to lead to repeat and continuous works. 

In addition to supporting our customers we have also been successful in winning and delivering many of our own projects. These have included Worcester Parkway (test/commissioning), RCM survey works, Point upgrades in various train care depots and the installation of numerous Vamos User Works Crossings. As we move into May we begin our GRIP 6-8 works at St Erth Station, which is then quickly followed by a new level crossing that we are installing at Bardon that involves new location cases, all trackside installation works and test/commissioning of the new crossing itself.   

With CP6 now in motion, we find ourselves approved to work for 34 companies which provides us with a firm footing to support our customers with signalling maintenance/fault finding,  new signalling installation works, points works, SMTH/G110, Test & Commissioning, safety critical, civils, electrical and lump sum project works.   

On the training side of our business we continue to train and develop new signalling engineers into the industry that ultimately enhances our capabilities and continues with our ethos of creating signalling engineers for the future.  



RTIS awarded St Erth Signalling works 

We are pleased to announce that we have been successfully awarded a direct contract with Dyer & Butler to undertake all signalling works associated with the new expansion plans to St Erth Station. The works are planned to take place in May 2019, and from a signalling perspective include both changes to the current signalling arrangements and the installation of new signalling assets. Our contract deliverables will involve project management, procurement of materials, installation and Test & Commissioning. All works will be undertaken using IRSE licensed internal staff with a tight programme anticipated to complete the works by the end of May. 

The main scheme itself is being driven by GWR who are seeking to enhance the bay platform at St Erth Station to more efficiently manage the expected increase in capacity due to the Cornwall County Council’s creation of a park-and-ride facility at St Erth. The enhanced bay platform will be constructed for future provision of 5-car Class 150 passenger trains, but the signalling will be required to be modified before the additional car can be used. The scheme has been long awaited and is a £10million investment to help ease congestion in nearby towns and villages. Plans include up to 700 new car parking spaces, increased bus services and improvements to the grade 2 listed station. Based at St Erth station, the park-and-ride facility hopes to capitalise on people travelling to Penzance, Truro and St Ives.

As part of the whole scheme works will include;

  • Associated signalling alterations to the new layout
  • An extension of the platform over existing track
  • Re-configuration of track and ballast to accommodate new rolling stock
  • Drainage works
  • New lighting and PA/VA extension




Another VAMOS crossing for RTIS to deliver for AMCOGiffen

In February, on behalf of AMCOGiffen, we begin to undertake further installation works on another Vamos User Works Crossing. This will complete what will be our sixth installation of this type in the Anglia region in the last 12 month period. The installation works at Hogwell User Works crossing will be similar to those that we have already successfully completed for AMCOGiffen at Tyle Hall, Stamford Farm, Little Hays, Blackmill and Rookery. The signalling installation works will be controlled and managed once again by Sam Allen who is one of RT Infrastructure Solutions Signalling Engineering Managers, with all site works being undertaken by RTIS signalling engineers.  

The Vamos system is fairly new to the UK market, but with its low cost interlocking free benefits there are now over 60 installations completed around the country. The system has many benefits, the most significant being that it is high in energy efficiency and can even run on solar power. Along with a preventive maintenance free diagnostic system, the crossings give clear unmistakeable interface for the public with acoustic warnings and unmistakeable red/green light visual aids.

For each crossing our installation works have been similar and have included the following deliverables:

  • Production of all paperwork required – Work package plans, Task briefing sheets & Safe Work Packs.
  • Attendance at management meetings and producing/integrating a delivery programme.
  • Running and termination of all cables, 2 pair - wheel sensors to Vamos case, 5 pair – MSL to Vamos case and 2 core from existing signalling location case to Vamos case.
  • Installation of Frausher wheel sensors. (3 or 6 per site dependant on lines at site)
  • Installation of new Vamos cabinet.
  • Modifications to existing signalling location cases, new fuses/links, bender units and associated wiring.
  • All required earthing and equipotential bonding.
  • Relocation of crossing telephones
  • SMTH works to move/divert existing signalling assets which fell in the way of the new crossings .
  • Installation of new speed signs
  • Provision of handover to test certificates and the provision of installation teams to assist NWR with pre-testing and commissioning.

Simon Jamieson RTIS CEO, said: “With our knowledge of the Vamos system and the recent successes that we have had, we believe that we have now built a long lasting relationship with AMOGiffen and hope to deliever further packages of this nature as we move into CP6."


RTIS win Nexus Works 

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded our first contract with Nexus to support their requirement to carry out the replacement of point machines on the Nexus infrastructure. There are a total of 117 point machines on both the Nexus mainline and sidings, with 67 having been replaced in recent years; the remaining electro-hydraulic point machines are 35 years old and have been deemed necessary for replacement.

Through a competitive tender process we were successful in winning the production and verification of G110 Point Motor Test Schedules in order for Nexus to undertake the installation, testing and commissioning of 32no HW2121 type Point Motors.

The project includes arranging and undertaking detailed site visits in order to obtain the relevant information, and then subsequent production of all G110 testing paperwork using the G110 author/checker process. All works will be managed and delivered by in-house RTIS personnel, with all site works being supervised and delivered by RTIS Engineering Managers. Works will be undertaken in line with Nexus Rail signalling standards NR/L2/SIG/30014 and NR/L3/SIG/11303.